We help entrepreneurs launch all types of tech business

We help everyday people start their blockchain or A.I. businesses. From setting up a strategy to the official launch of your new company, our wide variety of experience with startups is your advantage. If you’re looking for a committed partner to help build the next billion-dollar startup that will succeed worldwide, then leave us a message and let’s get things going.

tech Startups are Our Passion

Starting a business is often a very hard experience. Our team loves working with tech startups and it shows in our work. Our value comes from our experience in the blockchain and A.I. industry. We’ve helped launch companies and we’ve helped scale companies. Our team has a diverse and significant track record working with entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with dozens of innovative early-stage companies and startups on a broad range of projects.




We help startups to build go-to-market strategies that enable them to reach their customers as effectively as possible and help them achieve their strategic goals. The process typically involves analyzing market opportunities and various market segments, as well as the company’s current products or services and potential future offerings.


Our team of professionals has experience with one of the most complex technological challenges within the A.I. and Blockchain industry. As a company specifically focused on A.I. and Blockchain we bring a range of capabilities that help you address your specific business needs. Our experts can help guide you to choose the right technology infrastructure for your emerging company.



When you start a business there are so many things that can go wrong and that need to be avoided, we can provide you with general guidance to get your startup launched, from complying with regulations to setting up an invoicing system. Let our startup experience make your startup journey more enjoyable.


Successful Blockchain and A.I. companies often grow so quickly, in-house resources are stretched thin. While your team is top-notch, they may not have time to expand their skills. We understand the rapid nature of the tech industry, we speak the language and we know what it takes to elevate tech marketing strategies for companies like yours. Our team can design and implement marketing strategies needed to get your business going.

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