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Grey Hawk A.I. is a company specifically focused on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. We help startups, small-sized and mid-sized companies using Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain technology with developmental capacities, recruitment services and with effective solutions for tech marketing. We help with specific business development and sales strategies and we also provide with ICO management and support while seeking the right investors for startup projects.

Grey Hawk A.I. is a team of qualified professionals, experienced in many areas such as software development, IT sales, deep tech marketing, and cryptocurrencies. We are pioneers in international business development with a focus on sales of advanced applications and ecosystems using artificial intelligence or blockchain technology. We proudly supported and participated in significant projects for many satisfied customers. Now we focus on spreading the idea and public knowledge about the practical use of both of these technologies.

We are actively helping to evaluate both the technological and business aspects of many startup projects and we also suggest the solutions we think are the best for final realization. Grey Hawk A.I. partner up with private investors and investment groups in Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and Silicon Valley.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning – Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing – Classification, Clustering, Information Extraction, Speech – Speech To Text and vice versa, Expert Systems – Inference Engine, Knowledge Base, Robotics – Limited Memory, Reactive Machines, Vision – Image Recognition and Machine Vision 
  EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger, Ripple, R3’s Corda, Tokenomics, Exchanges, Cryptowallets, dApps, Smart Contracts, ERC20, ERC721
 Placing the Client and Candidate at the centre of what we do
  Trustworthy and Consistent
We are consistent in our actions, values, methods, measures, principals, expectations and outcomes
Keep going when difficult situations arise, consistently maintaining high levels of productivity
Systems and Quality Focused
Disciplined and aware of the need for compliance
Inspiring and enabling others

our team

Marek Rinko

Founder, CEO

Vitalii Omelchenko

Co-Founder, Blockchain Engineer

Lida Pavelkova

Tech Marketing Strategist

jeanna Richards

Blockchain Advisor

David Arega

A.I. Advisor

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